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Do you have Navigator in your GSOC?

Navigator is the only tool you will ever need to gain insight from social media and open source posts for threats against your organization, people, or assets. Whether for fraud prevention, data leaks, infrastructure, or executive protection, Social Navigator provides actionable intelligence that extends your physical security capabilities into the digital realm. Social Navigator can be used for social media threat monitoring and social media analytics in a variety of use/cases across industry and government.

Targeted Search Results

Our algorithms and inference engine was created specifically to put any post into context based on your keywords or target geographic region. Whether or not the user has location services turned on,we can often infer the correct location and context of the posts.  And using machine learning we can eliminate much of the noise associated with social media, online forums, blogs, and boards.

Instant Insight

Navigator provides the tools you need to quickly understand linkages between different social media accounts including community and influencers with our Social Graph. Easily setup automated alerts using critical keywords and get real-time notifications via email or text.

Surface, Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Navigator provides organizations with ability to monitor the surface, deep and dark web for the presence of sensitive data or intellectual property. Search for broad terms and/or specific information such as social security numbers, credit cards, emails, domain names, etc. Our database is one of the largest indexes of actionable data from the darknet and growing by millions of pages a day

Learn why more Fortune 500 Companies and Government Organizations use Navigator for their Social Media Security and Threat Monitoring