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Security and Threat Monitoring

Get real-time situational awareness and intelligence from online sources across the surface, deep and dark web.  Gain insight from social media and open source posts for threats against your organization, people, or assets.  Whether for infrastructure, public safety, or executive protection,  Navigator provides actionable intelligence that extends your physical security capabilities into the digital realm. Social Navigator can be used for social media threat monitoring and social media analytics in a variety of use/cases across industry and government.

AI Powered Social Media Screening

Our machine learning and natural language processing can analyze posts from individual subjects from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with other online web and news sources.  We flag for threats of violence, political extremism and drug and alcohol related posts and deliver a comprehensive report in minutes.

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Twitter Follower Analysis

Get a comprehensive understanding of anyone’s Twitter account, who is following them, follower activity, their location, number of lists the user is a member of, and other key information to make informed decisions about an individual and their potential threat to your organization.

Image and Video Digital Forensics

Get detailed information about the composition and source of an image or video.  We can extract the metadata and perform a comprehensive analysis to determine if the image or video has been doctored.  If you have a video or image and want to know if it's been doctored or fake, then book a call now.

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