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Monitor the Surface, Deep and Dark Web for threats to your organization

Gain Actionable Insight from Open Source Channels with our world-class OSINT Platform

Make OSINT Part of your Security Posture

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms replace the time-consuming and costly manual processes of searching social media and deep-web content. By using machine learning and specific, user-defined filters and keywords, OSINT tools can help companies understand the context and nature of social posts relating to their organization.


Industry Use Cases

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) provides tremendous benefit as a global threat and risk mitigation tool across a broad set of industries and use/cases. Below you will find a set of downloadable use cases that describe just how these benefits can be realized in your specific industry or function.

My team relies on Navigator OSINT 24/7 to identify threats to our organization and executives. Hypersight is clearly the leader in this space.

 -- Global Security and Risk Officer - Fortune 500 Company