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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms replace the time-consuming and costly manual processes of searching social media and deep-web content. By using machine learning and specific, user-defined filters and keywords, OSINT tools can help companies understand the context and nature of social posts relating to their organization.

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Industry Use Cases

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) provides tremendous benefit as a global threat and risk mitigation tool across a broad set of industries and use/cases. Below you will find a set of downloadable use cases that describe just how these benefits can be realized in your specific industry or function.

We provide organizations around the world with online threat monitoring and intelligence solutions.

Rapidly changing demographics, political unrest, and shifting attitudes coupled with billions of people hyper-connected to each other in a global network has forced governments to rethink traditional security.  When a hacked account from a government official and a single Tweet can send government currencies into a tailspin and start wars, you know we are living in a transformational age.  It is this reason Hypersight was formed.  We understand that in the global and technology driven economies of the world, information flow and its disruption can be of greater importance and value than the physical assets a government owns. Hypersight allows our clients to adapt to this new reality

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